Targeted & Personal

Statistics show that 75% of Canadians prefer direct mail for receiving offers from companies they do business with.

Database Management

Postal Solutions offers Canadian & US address validation through monthly updated software to ensure fast and efficient address purification.

  • Ensure your mailing list meets postal requirements
  • Reach your customers on time, every time
  • Improve address data quality with no duplications
  • Eliminate returned mailings and “do not mail” customers

Measurable Return on Investment

Direct mail is used to strengthen and deepen relationships with your customers. It also provides a very affordable way to sell to people who want to buy. Targeting and profiling your customers helps to maximize your return on investment and minimum wastage. By using a tracking devise in your direct mail piece, you will see exactly how many customers respond to your offer.

It costs 10x as much money to attract a new customer as it does to maintain an existing customer.

Engage your Customers

Direct mail is an emotional response device that allows you to talk to customers at a time of their choosing and when they are most receptive to your message. It’s just you and the customer. Your direct mail piece has the power to change the way people think and feel about you and your business because you can make your message so personally relevant.

By making your customers feel important and appreciated you will ultimately increase your word of mouth and referral business which will help increase sales!