Professional Design

Graphic Design Services

Postal Solutions offers a full line of graphic design services. From logo design and branding to correcting files to ensure proper print production, our graphic artists are able to assist with all your print design needs. Each of our graphic designers have years of experience and offer various and unique styles to fit your project.

Whether you need help with your business cards, letterhead, flyers, newsletters, or postcard files, or you want us to build your entire mailing piece, our print design services can match your plans and your budget.

Marketing Materials that get Results!

Let your printed piece speak for you. A well-designed mailing piece needs to grab your clients attention and communicate effectively with your target audience. Let us design a mailing piece that will not only demand a closer look - it will shout at them from their mailbox!

We also have the ability to provide creative copywriting that compliments the style of your mailing with some substance.

What do you want your Direct Mail piece to accomplish?

  • Boost your Sales - If you are trying to drive more sales to your business, then use a clear and distinct offer. Include a time sensitive discount, a coupon for a one time gift with purchase, tickets for a prize draw or an incentive for a FREE item when they purchase a featured item.
  • Reward your Customers - Build relationships with existing customers by sending out Thank You cards, birthday cards or a holiday greeting. Invite them to a special after hours sales event and give them a gift for bringing a friend. Try building your own rewards program for customer loyalty that increases in value the more the customer spends.
  • Build your Profile - If your campaign is designed around brand awareness such as a Grand Opening, new product or service launch or a new location, the best form of mailing piece would be a newsletter. Newsletters should go out at least quarterly in order to be memorable and effective. In order to build credibility with your newsletter it must provide a service and should not be used to simply talk about how great your business is.